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Friday, December 4

6:00 pm ET- 9:00 pm ET

Welcome and Prayer 

Pursue Your Passion: It's Never Too Late, Geraldine Wynn

How to Turn Your Big Scary Dreams Into Reality, Tamara Mason

What's in Your Heart and Hands? Using Your Gifts and Purpose to Glorify God​, Veronica L. Matthews

Closing and Prayer

Saturday, December 5

9:30 am ET- 7:00 pm ET

Welcome and Prayer 

9:30 am ET- 10:00 am ET


Passion for Purpose: Your Time is Now, Nikki Henderson

10:15 am ET- 10:45 am ET

A Wise Woman Builds Her House, Zayla Jacksonn

11:00 am ET- 11: 45 am ET

Church's Stigma of Single Moms Panel

Jen Smith, Millicent Ellison, and Charlene Williams

12:00 pm  ET- 12:45 pm ET

Finding Purpose on the Other Side of Divorce, Keisha Montfleury

1:00 pm  ET- 1:45 pm ET

Frosted Flakes for Dinner, Melissa Nicholson

2:00 pm  ET-  2:45 pm ET

Empty Spaces, Charlene Williams

3:00 pm  ET-  3:45 pm ET

Stop Being a Yes Girl, Chyna Coleman and Chere Williams

4:00 pm  ET-  4:45 pm ET

Navigating Co-Parenting Panel

Deanna Golden, Nikki, Henderson, Shelley Meche'tte

5:00 pm  ET-  5:45 pm ET

P.I.T.C.H. Perfect:

Positioning Individuals Towards Complete Healing, Dr. Pamela Adams

6:00 pm  ET-  6:45 pm ET

Your “Ex” is not the Problem, Your Brokenness is:

5 Ways to Release the Pain

Shelley Meche'tte

Sunday, December 6

1:00 pm ET- 5:00 pm ET

Welcome and Prayer

1:00 pm  ET-  1:45 pm ET

Overcoming a Poverty Mindset, Nek'ka Migel

2:00 pm  ET-  2:45 pm ET

My Exodus:

A Family's Journey From Slavery of  Sin to the Challenges of Christianity

Paula Amaker

3:00 pm  ET-  3:45 pm ET

Dating as a Single Mom, Lola Williams

4:00 pm  ET-  4:45 pm ET

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Why Comparest Thyself at All?” , Risha D. Bailey

Closing and Prayer


Single Moms of Faith
Empowered & Equipped...
Through God's Limitless Grace


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