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Friday, December 3


Pivoting for Purpose


'Pivot To Power' gives single moms the blueprint to activating, executing, and accelerating their purpose on the earth.  It encourages them to take all their struggles and challenges that come with being a single mom and turn to the power source. It is never just about us.  Pivot, change, shift, turn to God and His scriptures, turn to the power source who will guide you in all things and lead you to your purpose.


Living With Purpose


Understanding that God has a purpose for your life and all of your experiences are connected to your growth in what his plan for your life is.


Understanding that your purpose isn’t just for you but it’s for someone else. Your purpose is connected to someone else’s destiny and you need to be aligned in what God’s will for your life is because you never know who your journey and your life’s story will be a blessing and a light to.


Understanding that while others may have opinions of your life, God has and already had a purpose for everything he’s allowing you to go through because he won’t send you where he won't protect you.




Unconditional Acceptance

of Me

 7 PM ET

Learn how to reject the negative stereotypes, voices, and unintentional baggage that is often given to us whether intentionally or unintentionally, and instead accept yourself right where you are so that you can lead to a more fulfilled and purpose-led life.




Turning Tragedy Into Strength


What do you do when life looks different than you originally planned? Arielle will discuss how practicing acceptance and taking life one day at a time can help you to move forward successfully.

Saturday, December 4

Dr. Pamela Adams 21.png

Dr. Pamela Adams

Stimulating Your C.O.R.E (Challenges, Overcome, Restore, Empower)

9:30 AM ET

Keynote Speaker


Charlene Williams

Claim It...It's Yours!

10 AM ET

Often as single mothers, we’re too tired, busy, and financially stretched,  putting the kids first and juggling a million things to even begin to consider being bold and claiming what’s ours.

Often our own self-doubt, knocked confidence, hurt and outside influences tell a single mother what she is and tries to limit her - but the truth is our Heavenly Father has an inheritance He wants us to claim - yes even single mothers!

For some, we can’t claim what we didn’t know we were eligible for and others know they’re eligible but are too scared to consider the possibility because of negative perceptions of themselves, their situation, and past hurt.

There were women on the fringe of a patriarchal society in the bible who could’ve stayed silent and not taken up space but spoke up and claimed their space - so come on single mothers - claim what is yours.

Image by Matt Botsford



How to Elevate Above Your Environment

1 1 AM ET

keisha 30.jpg

Keisha Montfleury

"Did you know that you are GOD'S MasterPiece?"
Want me to prove it?

12 PM ET

Ephesians 2:10 says "For we are God's MASTERPIECE, created in Christ Jesus to do good works HE prepared us in advance to do"
Come and join us as I speak about why we NEED you specifically in the body of Christ and what a MASTERPIECE in the making looks like.




Not My Will, But His: When God Changes Your Plans


This session is about the joys and challenges of letting go of your plans to follow what God has called you to—sharing seven tools that will empower and equip you to get through the transition period.

Paula McDade.jpg



Kick Fear to the Curb and Live Abundantly!


In this session, you will find out some of the indicators of a fear-based life that you may have overlooked. Find out how you can overcome the fear cycle and the spiritual hack that will course correct you every time. Learn why the number one indicator of an abundant life has nothing to do with money, your job, or anything you can see, but has everything to do with your skill as a fear-hacking, warrior mama!




Positive Psychology – Cultivating Happiness


We all want to be happy but what truly makes us happy? What are the myths of happiness? Can we be happy- is it in our control?
What changes can we make in our lives to be happier and healthier?

Learn new ways of thinking and behaving that will make your life happier like expressing gratitude, setting life goals, random acts of kindness, etc.

-Make small changes now that will help you to live a more positive and resilient lifestyle. 
-Learn the steps that you can take that will make a HUGE difference in your life

Remember: Happy Mom = Happy Child




7 Reasons Why You Are Not Living Your Purpose

Bonus Recorded Session




Finding Purpose

Bonus Recorded Session




Esther: A Woman who Embraced God’s Plan

Bonus Recorded Session


Brittany Jade McCormick

See the Ability, Not the Disability

Bonus Recorded Session


Single Moms of Faith
Empowered & Equipped...
Through God's Limitless Grace


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