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Friday, December 4

6:00 pm ET- 9:00 pm ET

Pursue Your Passion: It's Never Too Late

Geraldine Wynn

Regardless of the season you are in,  pursuing your purpose can happen with determination. Geraldine will encourage you to not lose hope.  The three key main objectives that will be discussed are:

  • Pursue your purpose with passion in the storm

  • Pursue your purpose with passion when others say no but God says YES

  • Pursue your purpose with passion because you were made for THIS.

You Deserve to Go After Your Big Scary Dreams (and It's Good for Your Kids Too)

Tamara Mason

The stereotype of single moms being in poverty and barely getting buy is outdated. Don't let it turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. In the beginning, life can be hard and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to stay that way. You want your kids to go for their dreams. The best way to support them in going after their big dreams is for you to have big dreams and work to make them a reality.


Starting is the hardest part of turning dreams into reality.  As a single mom, you actually have some advantages over your married mom friends. Learn the first steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

What's in Your Heart and Hands? Using Your Gifts and Purpose to Glorify God

Veronica L. Matthews

You will be enlightened and encouraged to develop and use your God-given gifts, talents and experiences to identify and pursue your God-given purpose to glorify God. In this session you can expect to learn how to use journal prompts to:

  • Discover your unique gifts and talents;

  • Discover your purpose using your gifts, talents and experiences; 

  • Understand the importance of using your purpose, gifts and talents to glorify God

Saturday, December 5

9:30 am ET- 7:00 pm ET


Passion for Purpose: Your Time is Now

Nikki Henderson

This session is designed to ignite a spark in women to re-visit areas of their lives which may have been placed on hold and to fuel those who are already in pursuit to continue to press forward. Nikki, encourages single moms to:

  • Pursue the dreams and passions that God has placed in them

  • Avoid the pitfalls of putting your future off due to your single status

  • Share strategies of Godly pursuit from personal testimony and Bible

  • Push pass your past in order to pursue the future

  • Gain fresh confidence in God's hand working in their lives for the purpose by which they were placed on this earth

A Wise Woman Builds Her House

Zayla Jacksonn

Zayla's session will teach single moms the process of home management, and building upon God's principles to create our homes homes upon strong foundation. She will discuss 4 pillars to a successful home and 4 actionable steps they can take to build a strong foundation. It all starts at home, once we build our homes upon spiritual principles we will win as single moms!

Church's Stigma of Single Moms Panel

Jen Smith, Millicent Ellison, and Charlene Williams

Single mothers will understand that their worth and value is not determined on their marital status or situation - but in God. Strategies to overcome feelings of shame and regret. Strategies to navigate situations that may arise at church or inappropriate comments. Understand that the stigma of single mothers in church is man-made and not of God.

Your “Ex” is not the Problem, Your Brokenness is: 5 Ways to Release the Pain

Shelley MeChe'tte

Many times when we move on from a relationship, depending on how it ended…residue from that relationship remains; mainly the pain that we now have to endure and get over.  This workshop will provide 5 ways for single moms to break-free from the pain of their relationships, while not placing unhealthy emotions onto  their child(ren).

Frosted Flakes for Dinner

Melissa Nicholson

As a single parent household, our family dynamic can look a bit different than the traditional "nuclear" family. I've learned to embrace the good stuff, rather than live in fear and guilt over what is missing. So often it doesn't feel like it...but there are many benefits and blessings to single motherhood! 

Empty Spaces

Charlene Williams

Sometimes as a single mother, you can feel like you’re constantly navigating empty spaces. These empty spaces can be your home, your once martial bed, social events without a plus one, parent meetings at your child’s school, key milestones - but most importantly your heart!


This session addresses and acknowledges the feeling of lack single mothers may feel at times when navigating empty spaces and points them back to the only solution that is Jesus - when single mothers make Jesus their focus, empty spaces are less daunting and fullness is achieved.

Finding Purpose on the Other Side of Divorce

Keisha Montfleury

Keisha will encourage other single moms to know that divorce is not the end all be all and you still have a purpose regardless of your status. Attendees will gain more confidence in their roles (as a single mom), and will be able to walk away with ideas on how she can best care for herself in her role

Stop Being a Yes Girl

Chyna Coleman and Chere Williams

Single moms do not have to compensate, but live their life doing and experiencing things that move them forward and not drain them. In this session, attendees will understand the concept behind being a "Yes Girl," and gain an understanding of confidence and why it's important to establish order when committing to people and things.  This session will address:

  • Being able to discover underlying causes of lack of boundaries

  • Learn why confidence building and faith is so important to debunking the need to “Say Yes” to everything

  • Identify own personal core values to be able to “Say No” and set boundaries confidently

  • Strategies to help you no longer commit to things that no longer serve you.

P.I.T.C.H. Perfect: Positioning Individuals Towards Complete Healing

Dr. Pamela Adams

Attendees will glean a deeper understanding of where they currently are and where they should aspire to be after utilizing their full potential. Attendees will be exposed to the concept of Soul Care and learn that it is an ongoing work of nourishing and nurturing one’s soul, not just a one time experience. Attendees will learn to embrace past failures as lessons learned and come to understand that pain builds character.

Navigating Co-Parenting Panel

Deanna Golden, Nikki, Henderson, Shelley Me'Chette

Topics include:

  • It's a DISASTER: 3 Reasons Why Co-Parenting Will NEVER Work for You: Learn how to co-parent without bitterness, but rather, with an amicable plan and gain a better understanding of self, along with with tools to began the healing process of separating from your child's father, so that you can better co-parent

  • Co-parenting Without Mental or Emotional Abuse: Deanna will provide a simple guideline on how to Coparent well, while also severing the ties that allow your ex to continue the emotional and mental abuse.

Sunday, December 6

1:00 pm ET- 5:00 pm ET

Overcoming a Poverty Mindset

Nek'ka Migel

Nek'ka's session will give you perspectives on money, budgeting tips, boundaries in finances, and how to start saving. Encouragement to not give up regardless of how the world puts you in a caste system and to stop limiting yourself by your limited income

My Exodus, a families journey from the slavery of sin to the challenges of Christianity

Paula Amaker

Paula shares her transition  from living in a life of sin to following Christ and the journey she and her daughters travelled.  She imagined her new life with Christian daughters and  the Christian morals, values and learning God’s will, however, this was not an easy task. Paula found herself  trying to raise the type of children that she “wanted” and was not raising the children she actually “had”. She realized she couldn’t raise them like were instant faithful followers of our new Christian lifestyle. They were hurt, broken and struggling with the truth of Christ just as she was prior to being saved. Once she came to this realization, she was able to raise the daughters she actually had and not those that lived in my imagination. 

Dating as a Single Mom

Lola Williams

Dating has its ups and downs but its really what you make of it. Don't be pressured to be settled or get married because that's what you think society wants. Do what is best for you! And above all keep God in your life, pray, and be intentional! Lola shares her experience navigating dating as a single mom and discusses what she did right, not so right, and gives advice and feedback on dating to women who may be feeling frustrated or stuck.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Why Comparest Thyself at All? 

Risha D. Bailey

This session will dig deep to uncover the types of comparison traps we set and often fall prey to as women and believers.  It will confront faulty mindsets and dismantle the need to compare ourselves to others by redirecting our focus on the unique plans God has for each of our lives.  Participants will learn how to rest in God and overcome this destroyer of destiny, by embracing and celebrating their authentic selves.


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