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Resources at Your Fingertips!


What is one of the absolute best reasons to attend this conference? It is the resources provided by our fantastic speakers! You will have access to resources that will help you and encourage you, that last beyond the conference! 

Grab your Resource!

Take the 3 Day, Make It Happen Challenge! 

Start identifying and working on your goals now! Click below for the free tool to help you make your vision a reality from speaker Tamara Mason.

Purpose on the Other Side of Divorce Workbook, Keisha Montfleury

Follow along with speaker Keisha Montfleury's session, Purpose on the Other Side of Divorce with her workbook that will give you prompts and make you think about your purpose, how you are investing in yourself and others, along with scriptures to meditate on and use in your journey.  

Gifts and Purpose Discovery Journal, Veronica Matthews

Use this journal as a resource for self reflection, prayer to help you on your journey to discovering your gifts and purpose. After you attend Veronica Matthews' session on Friday evening, What's in Your Heart and Hands? Using Your Gifts and Purpose to Glorify God. 


Single Moms of Faith
Empowered & Equipped...
Through God's Limitless Grace


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