Connect and support single moms who are living out their purpose and pursuing their dreams! Take a look at all the amazing listings in the Single Mom's Business Directory!


Inspiring Trees of Hope is an organization dedicated to bringing hope and inspiration to all in the community. We achieve this by hosting various interactive and fun events throughout the Las Vegas area.


Grace Based VA provides virtual assistance to bloggers and solo business owners. Jen specializes in video editing, podcast editing, Pinterest pin creation, Pinterest management, and copy editing.

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Keisha Montfleury is the founder of  HandiWork LLC whose purpose is to support our girls ages 5-12 in having a HEALTHY CONFIDENCE so she is not giving into negative behavior such as self-harm and bullying

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Dr. Carla Ludwig, Founding Director​

The Mission of  Hope for Single Moms is to invite you to walk alongside a single mom to decrease the loneliness and isolation she feels, to give her hope and encourage her as a student parent on her journey to becoming financially stable and having children who thrive.

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Cosmetics specially formulated for Film, Photography, Stage and everyday perfection. Select cosmetics line for the 2019/2020 NFL Houston Texan Cheerleaders Official cosmetics sponsor for the 2017/2018 MISS USA and MISS UNIVERSE competitions


Mothers who believe affirmations matter - and we wear this belief on our sleeves. We combine positivity with what we know will be the most comfortable t-shirt in your collection.


I have helped single moms with their budgeting, spending plan and future vision for their savings. I use a survey that helps us both know where the single parent is at in their parenting skills and views on money. 


I know how tiring it is chasing after kids and keeping up with them! I help moms get started on a healthy nutrition journey to have the energy to keep up with their littles!

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Sseko works with artisan partners around the world to create beautiful, sustainable fashion while providing fair wages to all employees involved. A portion of proceeds from sales also support young women in Uganda and Ethiopia pursue their collegiate dreams through a scholarship program. Items created include leather bags and purses, jewelry, apparel, shoes and sandals. And coffee!

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Veronica Matthews



Veronica is an ontologically and workplace trained Life and Leadership Coach with more than 10 years of coaching experience as a Human Resources Professional. She is experienced in working with individuals and groups to facilitate breakthroughs that lead to personal, interpersonal, relationship and professional success.

Wondering where your inner lioness has gone since becoming a mom? I can help you find her and nurture her. I help overwhelmed single moms to stop hiding behind their challenges and start living with CONFIDENCE. Providing 1:1 coaching opportunities to help you discover your inner lioness and improve your relationships.


Single Moms of Faith
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2021 Virtual Conference
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