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Hello sister! I am so blessed that you are here! My name is Chere Williams. I am a single mom to an incredibly beautiful and sweet 14 year old daughter, a lover of Jesus, a blogger, a writer, a party planning enthusiast, a nomad at heart, an optimist and a lover of life.


My story as a single mom began over 13 years ago. It was during that uncertain time,  that my heart was opened to the grace of God, and He became my partner on this winding, but rewarding journey. Experiencing God's unconditional love, motivated me to connect with other single moms and share the message that they are not alone, that God is with them every step of the way! 


I am founder of the blog, "A Single Christian Mom's Advice on Making Life Easier," that was named in the Top 15 Single Moms Blogs in Earnest Parenting in 2015, the Top 25 Single Mom Blogs in Circle of Moms and named among the Top 50 Parenting Blogs in My Kids Need That blog has evolved into Faith, Coffee and a Kid, where I offer my podcast and workshops. Throughout the years I had the pleasure of writing a weekly column for Moms of Faith, wrote an excerpt for the book, "A Global Orphan Crisis," was an intern for Kathi Lipp, a Mom Mentor for Graham Blanchard Publishing, and promoted faith-based entertainment through Grace Hill Media, writing and was published in Just Between Us Magazine and Inspired Women Magazine


So Why a Single Mom's Conference You Ask?

Single moms are often unfairly labeled and stereotyped as a statistic and made to believe that their families are not whole, that they are fractured and basically are destined to remain in the wilderness. I promise you that is unequivocally false! The desire of my heart is to create a community for women to feel safe, and know that God has an incredible plan for your life! I am no way hear to sugarcoat the challenges that are specific to single moms, but address them with a focus of faith. We are living in heavy times and I can't imagine a better time to come together in fellowship than now. I hope you join me on what I believe will be an amazing event that glorifies God, and brings single moms together in solidarity and in support of one another!




Single Moms of Faith
Empowered & Equipped...
Through God's Limitless Grace


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