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Arielle Jordan


Arielle's Session

Turning Tragedy into Strength

Get to Know Arielle...

Arielle Jordan is an Army Veteran, Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor in Maryland, National Certified Counselor, and a counselor Education and Supervision Ph.D. student. She earned her AS degree in business administration, BS in psychology, and MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has worked with several different populations including children in foster care, substance use disorders, and other co-occurring disorders. 


Arielle currently accepted a position with Trauma Specialists of Maryland working with adults with trauma.


She loves helping people process trauma so that they can move forward with healing. 

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Get Inspired

Arielle's website is Mindset Quality, where the mission is to help individuals overcome self-doubt and improve self-esteem by participating in individualized personal development sessions.

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Want to improve your mindset? Changing your mindset can change your life! This workbook is full of thought-provoking personal development questions to jump-start the rest of your life.


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