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Brittany Jade McCormick


Brittany's Session 

See the Ability Not the Disability

Get to Know Brittany...

Brittany McCormick is a South African motivational speaker, all the way from Cape Town! 

Brittany was born with Cerebral Palsy. Her goal is to encourage others to believe that what seems impossible, can be possible. She aims to improve lives by teaching others to defeat the odds and overcome challenges. Brittany wants to help build programs for the educational and corporate sectors so they can help improve the lives of others with disabilities and help them live their true purpose. 

She was chosen to speak to the wellness team at Dimension Data South Africa, was a woman of the month for the Justice League Organisation of South Africa. Brittany raced to honor the 17 million people in South Africa living with disabilities. She has spoken in 159 countries twice, she has spoken for the Amplify Her Voice International Conference, and in front of 115 thousand audience members virtually for the YIS organization. She has been interviewed on the podcast Super Teachers Unite, Queens of Manifesting which has been ranked top 5 podcasts in the world.


Brittany has spoken for the growth credo team and the cerebral palsy organization of south Africa joined has spoken for ladies of all nations in south Africa this platform goes into 159 countries she has
been interviewed by the Red Corner show, and interviewed internationally by Tina talks show.


She has also swum the island swim, been interviewed by South African radio stations, and has had various articles written about her. 

Brittany McCormick aims to not only be South Africa’s top motivational speaker but also 
an impactful member of the international motivational speaking community

A Word From Brittany

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