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Chyna is an up and coming Christian blogger at Made New Mama where she uplifts and empowers single moms to stop hiding behind challenges and start living confidently through faith. With years of overcoming various challenges herself, she found herself becoming a single mom in the midst of her graduate school program.


Being a single mom over the last 5 years, Chyna has found her purpose of sharing her story of overcoming and encouraging other single moms, while navigating single motherhood herself. She is a certified Confidence Coach passionate about helping single moms to find their inner lioness and overcoming their relational challenges with grace.

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Looking for a community of confident single moms? Join the Confident Christian Single Moms Facebook Group where women gather to empower each other, share resources, and support one another on their individual confidence and faith journey.


Visit Chyna’s blog, Made New Mama where she shares her stories with biblical connections and practical tips to empower single moms on their journey.

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