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Chyna Coleman


Chyna's Session

Not My Will, But His: When God Changes Your Plans

Get to Know Chyna

Chyna Nicole has come through many transitions in her life, but the most important one is when she went all in for God shortly after becoming a single mom. Since that day, her life has never been the same. She is a proud mother of her confident 6-year-old daughter and is passionate about helping others see the joys of life, even in the hot weather, where she resides in Phoenix, Arizona.


She is a Blogger, Speaker, and Relationship Coach geared toward helping women grow in their confidence and experience relationships in the healthy way God intended. She writes about faith, personal growth, and relationships at, where she shares personal experiences, lessons, and words of encouragement through the Word. “Being Made New is more than a few changes but the transforming of the mind, heart, spirit, and relationships.”

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Get Inspired

Facebook Group: Women Seeking Confidence

A community designed for women to discuss, learn and connect with other women around the topic of confidence in relationships.


You will find encouragement, discussion, and faith-filled resources to support you on your journey to unshakeable confidence and healthier relationships of all kinds.


Visit Chyna’s blog, Made New Mama where she shares her stories with biblical connections and practical tips to empower single moms on their journey.

Work with Chyna

The Confident You: 6-Week Coaching Program

Chyna provides 1:1 support with reaching your confidence and relationship goals.



Single Moms of Faith
Empowered & Equipped...
Through God's Limitless Grace


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