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Collette Conner


Veronica's Session 

Pivot to Power and Pursue Your Purpose

Get to Know Collette...

Collette Conner is a Minister, Author, Speaker, and Life Coach known for her insight on strategizing ways for single moms to win in all areas of life by applying biblical principles. Collette's book, Been There Done That - Keeping Your Sanity While Single Parenting continues to encourage single moms to never give up because they are never alone. Collette has co-authored two books, The Power Of God Daily Devotional II through the Professional Woman Network and Promise Global Devotional. Collette also empowers single moms through her candid conversations as the host of 'Keeping Your Sanity While Single Parenting Podcast." Most recently God has shifted Collette to bridge the gap from single moms just focusing on the struggles of single parenting to pivoting to the power within.

Collette's speaking resume includes:

  • Today's Purpose Woman Magazine

  • Success Women's Magazine Top Coaches Showcase

  • The Renewed Vision Conference

  • Rehab Your Life Virtual Summit

  • Haute For Hope Virtual Summit

  • Houston Charms Suicide Prevention Walk

  • Weapons of W.A.R Women

  • Leading 4ward Virtual Summit

  • Success Women's Conference 2020

  • Level Up Virtual Summit 2021

  • The Kim Jacob's Show

  • The Thought Process Show

  • Let's Talk XL Podcast

  • Rehab Your Life Podcast

  • Live Like LifeStyle Podcast

  • Manifest Monday Podcast

  • SuccessFest21

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  • @collettetconner

Single Moms of Faith
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Through God's Limitless Grace


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