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Keisha Montfleury

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Get to Know Keisha

Keisha Montfleury is first a faithful believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She is the founder of Abundantly Authentic which is a faith-based non-profit whose purpose is to encourage our girls to know their worth through Christ, so they will NOT participate in unhealthy relationships, walk confidently in their purpose.

We do this by hosting an annual MasterPiece Conference, handing out Purpose Packages to girls in need, and hosting Quarterly Bible Studies.

We also have 3 books: Blue Print to Self-Esteem Series (Young Girls, Middle School Girls, Older Girls), Hats, and our shirts with our key scripture on it.

Keisha is the mother of 3 beautiful kids and currently resides in Southern California

Get Inspired

Visit Abundantly Authentic, a nonprofit organization founded by Keisha that provides interactive workshops and resources that encourages our young girls to care for, value, and invest in herself, so that she can have healthy relationships with others.

She is also the founder of  HandiWork LLC whose purpose is to support our girls between the ages 5-12 in having a HEALTHY CONFIDENCE so she is not giving in to negative behavior such as self-harm and bullying



Available Products

Blue Print to Self-Esteem (Young Girls, Middle School Girls, and Older Girls Edition) gives girls the opportunity to be able to practice the skills to have positive self-esteem and to have a BEAUTIFUL opportunity to build their CONFIDENCE.

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