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Aprons, Heels and Yoga Pants: Melissa shares her stories on motherhood, faith, and how she enjoys and embraces being a single mom. 

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Like most women, I never set out to be a single mom. After 23 years of marriage, and 6 children, sometimes it still shocks me that I am in the thralls of single motherhood! But here I am, thoroughly enjoying the exhausting journey of self discovery, growth, and unexpected blessings. 


A little back story about me...I was a wild child, full of rebellion, and found myself pregnant and married at the age of 21. (yes, in that order) God got a hold of me, after years of pursuit, and at 26 years old I fell to my knees and gave my life to Him. I have never been the same. The fact that He listens to my ramblings and requests on a daily basis, never ceases to amaze me. 


God created me as an off the charts extrovert, full of passion for life. Along the way those fun character traits have gotten me into trouble, but have mostly been used to embrace life with all of its craziness, and love others deeply. At almost 50 years of age, I am finally understanding who I am, and how God can use my every gift and trait for His purpose...that's's not about me. 


My nest is slowly emptying, as two have grown and flown. I enjoy my adult children so very much, and one has given me a fabulous grandson! I currently stay home with my 3 teenagers, and 1 tween, while working as a freelance writer, and sharing motherhood stories on my blog, Aprons, Heels and Yoga Pants, , in hopes of encouraging other women. That sounds a bit glamorous, but the reality is I basically spend most of my days grocery shopping for 4 children who eat like locusts...the other stuff, such as writing, housework, homeschooling, and the occasional shower, gets squeezed in there wherever possible. 


Truly, my passion in life is to inspire other mothers, as we travel together on this journey. I believe motherhood is absolutely the greatest adventure in life. As single moms, we can easily miss the joy of it at times, as we are in a constant state of juggling what often feels like an impossible amount of tasks in our lives. For myself, what has come from all of that juggling, is a closer relationship with God, and also with my children. And because of those great blessings, I wouldn't trade single motherhood for anything. 


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