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Paula Lorraine

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Paula's Session

Kick Fear to the Curb and Live Abundantly!

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Paula McDade is a Licensed Minister and the Chief Creative Officer of Stellar Creative LLC, a boutique brand created to provide print, web, and publishing services to busy entrepreneurs, ministry professionals, and nonprofit organizations.


Nicknamed "The Idea Mogul" because of her creative genius, she is the Editor-and-Chief of Brilliant Awakening Magazine and the Creative Director of The Brilliant Awakening Anthology (Vol 1 and 2.0), a collection of stories from women sharing their experiences of overcoming tragedy and abuse. The anthology was nominated “Anthology of the Year” by the Indie Author Legacy Award committee.


As an international Speaker, Author, and Creative Entrepreneur, Paula inspires women to shake off the limits of the past, while breaking through the walls of doubt and fear by sharing her personal testimony. Through her transparency and authentic style of delivery, she offers practical action steps to help her audience maximize their potential.


Paula’s work is currently published on YouVersion, also known as the Bible app, an international digital platform reaching millions of readers daily. She has been featured on TBN, Leadercast Women, Connected Woman Magazine as well as multiple radio shows and podcasts.


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YouVersion Bible Plan

 Salty Lemonade: A Refreshing Twist On The Recipe For Overcoming Adversity

This devotional is a reminder that we have the gifts of the Holy Spirit at our disposal to help us overcome the challenges we face in a way that brings glory to God and causes unbelievers to become curious about our faith. 

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Visit Paula's website, Brand Yourself Brilliantly with Paula McDade where she helps you bring your vision to life!

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