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Veronica Burnett

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Veronica's Session

Change the Narrative. Change the Trajectory of Your Life

Get to Know Veronica

Veronica Burnett is a Certified Life Coach, Author, and Advocate for Healthy Relationships.  She began a conference series entitled Better Days that has allowed her to advocate for healthy relationships, increase awareness of domestic violence, and coach those who are ready for a fresh start.  


She is the author of the Better Days Vision Journal and co-author of the e-book anthology, Unmute Yourself: Speaking Our Truth Unapologetically.

As a Life Coach and Advocate, Veronica empowers those who work with her and attend her conferences to seek and expect healthy relationships of all kinds.  Her mission in life is to Educate, Empower and Encourage others to live their best lives, TODAY and she is committed to doing just that!

Get Inspired

Veronica coaches individuals in breaking dead-end cycles, developing new and healthy habits that lead to healthy relationships with themselves and others. Visit her website to learn more and dive into the resources, publications, and freebies that she offers!

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Visit Veronica's website to purchase her publications!

Schedule a 60 or 90 minutes Better Days Coaching Call with Veronica and unleash your power to pursue and manifest the vision you have for your life!


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