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Ms. Zayla Jacksonn is an author, a public speaker, and a Licensed Financial Consultant, she is a Wealth Transfer Expert, the founder of Wealth Transfer University.  Her mission is to empower women to build wealth for generations.  She’s had the opportunity to interact with esteemed celebrities of all facets including interview with Super Model Christie Brinkley regarding business partnership and TV Personality/Entrepreneur, Bethany Frankel regarding success strategies for businesswomen. Zayla began her serial entrepreneur journey as a Real Estate Investor acquiring several properties with the net worth of 2.5 million dollars in New York City. She was also the Owner/Operator of an Early Childhood Center where she provided quality education and care for children and created jobs in her community. Zayla loves the human connection and has a passion for helping families secure the ultimate Freedom Lifestyle.



Zayla’s New Book, Free Your Mind, Free Your Money will be launching February 2021 as a memoir that details her journey overcoming mental abuse, emotional abuse, and financial dismay. By reclaiming her freedom from a life laced with abuse, she will share how toxic relationships can rob a person mentally, emotionally and financially. Readers will learn the tactics she used to courageously defeat her life imprisonments and reclaim her mental, emotional and financial freedom.  Zayla states, “Life is a gift of freedom, that can be hijacked from one who has no direction and purpose”. Her mission is to help women fill their inner voids, to prevent losing themselves in unhealthy relationships that will alter the course of their life for the worst.  As a single mom she is passionate about empowering single moms to build massive wealth, but to make sure they begin the wealth building process from within first.


Zayla, has created the “360◦ Freedom Method” to help women identify, secure and maintain the three vital pillars of freedom. She stresses the importance of healthy relationships which is the foundation and building blocks of our lives. Zayla believes that in order for one to build wealth they must build internal wealth freeing their heart and mind of brokenness. She states, “Freedom precedes success, if one is in bondage mentally, emotionally or financially…. success is futile. The goal is to help women restore their areas of brokenness. A broken woman yields broken children, broken homes and thus broken communities. As a girl I had no guide, I fell into deep pits that taught me lifelong lessons.  Now it is my duty to pass those lesson on to other women, so that they may protect their life of freedom for generations to come.”


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